Breath of Fresh Air: Prepare for Spring Allergies and Asthma with Nebulizers and Air Purifiers

Did you know? More than 65 million Americans overall have asthma and allergies. Some people may have one or both of these conditions.

As winter comes to an end and spring approaches, many individuals begin to experience seasonal allergies and asthma. If you are someone who suffers from these conditions, you know how debilitating they can be. However, there are steps you can take to prepare for spring allergies and asthma. One of the most effective ways to manage these conditions is by investing in a nebulizer and an air purifier.

Nebulizers are a medical device that deliver medication directly to the lungs. They work by converting liquid medication into a fine mist that can be inhaled. Nebulizers are commonly used to treat asthma, as well as other respiratory conditions, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Using a nebulizer can provide quick relief from symptoms, and can be a lifesaver in the event of an asthma attack, especially during those dreaded high pollen seasons.

Air purifiers, on the other hand, work by removing pollutants and allergens from the air. They can be especially helpful for individuals who suffer from seasonal allergies, as they can remove pollen and other irritants from the air and can reduce the need for nebulizer treatment by removing known triggers from the air. Air purifiers can also be beneficial for individuals who live in areas with high levels of pollution or who are sensitive to common indoor pollutants, such as pet dander and dust.

When selecting a nebulizer and air purifier, it is important to choose products that are specifically designed for your needs. For example, if you have severe asthma, you may need a nebulizer that is designed to deliver medication quickly and efficiently. Likewise, if you suffer from allergies, you may need an air purifier that is designed to remove specific allergens from the air. Your doctor may recommend one specific approach over another, and our JMS staff is also available to help source the correct device for you.

If you are anticipating spring allergies and asthma, looking into purchasing a nebulizer and/or air purifier can be a wise decision. These devices can provide relief from symptoms and improve your overall quality of life. Be sure to consult with your doctor or a medical supply professional to select the products that are right for you.

JMS Products Available For You –

Portable and standard nebulizers* – For at home or on the go, owning a nebulizer allows asthmatics direct access to treatments, where and when you need them.

Nebulizer tubing and masks* – We offer a range of nebulizer tubes, masks and canula’s so you never have to worry about the cleanliness and if you have the right parts, when you need them the most.

Air purifier – Keeping your environment clean and allergen free is a first step in managing asthma and/or allergies. Our purifiers vary by size but all include a certified HEPA filter that features a pre-filter for larger particles and an activated carbon layer for eliminating odor.

Eye wash cup – Itchy eyes is never fun. But getting rid of them can be simple – our eye wash cups lets you keep them free of dirt and other harmful allergens. With this eyecup, you can quickly wash your eyes with an eyewash solution or medicine as needed.

Peak flow meter* – Lightweight, portable peak flow meters help patients monitor their asthma so they can initiate preemptive therapy. Take the guessing out of treatment.

N95 Face mask – When the air quality gets poor, you can help filter out bad particles and allergens with N95 masks

Pulse oximeter – With severe asthma, monitoring blood oxygen saturation can be a daily task. Our pulse oximeters quickly and easily allow you to see your current saturation and monitor heart rate.  

Have questions? Not sure which item is right for you? Call or visit us today and our trained staff will help you on your way.

*requires prescription to purchase

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