Your Guide to Understanding Insurance and Billing at JMS

Do I need to have a prescription to come to your store to buy medical supplies?  Can you bill my insurance?  Do I have a copay?  These are the most common insurance and billing questions that get asked daily at Jackson Medical Supply. Medical insurance can be a tricky process to navigate, especially if you or a loved one is going through a tough time and need medical equipment.  Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are ready to answer any questions and help make the process as smooth as possible.

Jackson Medical Supply carries durable medical equipment as well as supplies that can be purchased over the counter. You can come into our store and pay out of pocket for items with or without a prescription. However, it can become confusing, if/when your doctor gives you a prescription for a shower chair and you bring it to us thinking that we can bill your insurance and then off you go. 

Unfortunately, some insurances do not cover or help pay for specific items like bathroom supplies or soft goods (think compression stockings, pillows, neck brace). Each insurance policy has limitations to what they accept. These limitations come down to your policy, what else you’ve had your insurance cover in the past and if you have secondary insurance. As we are the middleman between insurance and customer – prescriptions allow us to ensure we are supplying the correct item for the diagnosis however, just because something is deemed a required item from a doctor, insurance companies have limits on what they will reimburse due to their own policy.  

We will take care of the billing! Most insurances will partially reimburse the patient for rentals, such as; hospital beds, hoyer lifts, walkers and wheelchairs. Simply bring in or call us with your prescription, insurance card or number and we can help guide you from there. We are contracted with Medicare, Partnership HealthPlan & Western Health Advantage through North Bay.  Our staff is trained to understand the latest insurance policies, are able to research, make phone calls and ask the right questions to ensure our customers get what is needed and if it is a covered item through their insurance.  We pride ourselves on consultative sales and we take the time to explain in detail the instructions of everything we sell.  We are here to assist you through the process and look forward to seeing you!

Visit us at any of our 3 locations or give us a ring with any of your insurance and billing questions – (707) 446-7014.

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