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Let’s Talk About Fall Prevention – Bathroom

Despite being one of the smaller rooms in the home, the bathroom can be one of the most prevalent places for accidents and falls. Fortunately, there are many helpful products available that mitigate or remove the riskiest fall areas – so you can live comfortably right at home. These are a few of our most notable Bathroom Safety items:

  • Bathtub grab bar – the grab bar allows the user to get in and our of the bathtub with safety. The grab bar has a strong steel safety rail that easily mounts and secures to a bathtub. It is so easy to attach and detach with an easy-to-turn knob and contact clamps that are rubber-lined to both reinforce the clamp hold to the bathtub.
  • Suction cup balance assist bar – Similar to the grab bar, the suction cup balance assist bar allows support while in the shower and the ability to grab for support to stabilize, get in or our.
  • Toilet safety support frame – Handrails to assist with getting on and off the toilet is vital to bathroom safety, fall prevention, living independently and recovery. It also reduces the daily physical strain of sitting and standing on and off the toilet.
  • Bath seat – A bath seat is a totally water resistant seat that sits within the shower or bathtub. This provides a place to sit if an individual is unstable or is a high fall risk.
  • Rubber bath mat – In addition to places to sit and grab, a rubber bath mat allows some traction and reduces instability when the bathtub/shower is wet.

We are here to help you find the best option for you – call or visit us to try out our range of product to get you moving today

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